Redhead Wanted

Pisces (Swims Against Tide), 5' 9", 160,
Hazel eyes, Handsome (Occasionally Dashing), Intelligent,
mall Business Owner, Aikido Black-Belt, Former Laser
Technician & Actor
Seeks Long-Term* Relationship
With Sensual Redhead / Strawberry Blond Female.

Southern Accent & Great Cook a plus.
Must love Adobe Castles, Sunsets and Critters

All Else Negotiable.

Once a Cowboy...

Once a cowboy ...

"Dances With Bears"

The Neighborhood

Pedernal Sunset

Down Pour

Plaza Blanca

Enchanted Mesa

My Pal Chaco

Parental Units

This photo was taken the night my folks met.
Mom's with Dad again now, I love you both.


Fall Color

Cerro Grande Fire

Embudo Sunset

Storm in Jemez

Digital Art

Blue Pine


Girl on a Barroom Floor

Jelly Belly & Dances With Bears

Vital Statistics


"Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick."
"The Buck Stops Here."

(Do the right thing!)
Earth First (You better be good to me!)


(I know a few)
Tail Waggers (I know more than a few.)
All of Gods Critters

Fade to Black
(You thought I was going to say red didn't you ?)

Anything someone else prepares.
(Actually, I am a pretty fair cook.)


Blackberry Merlot
Bourbon & 7


Last of the Mohicans (Daniel Day Lewis)
Jeremiah Johnson (Robert Redford)
Taking of Pellum 123 (Robert Shaw)
Twice Upon a Time (I AM Ralph)
Raising Arizona (Nickolas Cage)

Thomas Jefferson
(Who believed that a little rebellion is a good thing.)
Charles Darwin (Who assumed that we are animals.)
NikolaTesla (Who believed time-travel is possible.)
T. R. Rosevelt (Who once took 500 gallons of beer on a safari.)
Albert Einstien
(Who had nothing to do with the the building of the 'Gadget'.)
John F. Kennedy
(Who got us into space - We need a President like you Jack.)


Lotus Elite (I'm still working on it.)
XKE Jag (Been there done that.)
Fiero (Current Love.)


A Man This Lonely
Fight It Out
Who's That Girl ?
On The Edge Of A Broken Heart
I Came For You
If Looks Could Kill
A Matter of Trust
Aces &Eights
Learn To Be Still
100 Years (To Live)
One Last breath

Anything For Love

And I would do anything for love,
I'de run right into hell and back.
I would do anything for love,
I'll never lie to you and that's a fact.

And maybe I'm crazy,
oh, it's crazy and it's true.
I know you can save me,
no one else can save me now, but you.

As long as the planets are turning,
as long as the stars are burning,
as long as your dreams are coming true
you better believe it, that

I would do anything for love,
and I 'll be there till the final act.
And I would do anything for love,
and I'll take my vow and seal a pact.

And maybe I'm lonely,
that's all I'm qualified to be.
There's just one and only,
one and only promise I can keep.

As long as the wheels are turning,
as long as the fires are burning,
as long as your prayers are coming true,
you better believe it that

I would do anything for love,
and you know it's true and that's a fact.
I would do anything for love,
and there'll never be no turning back...

... But, I'll never stop dreaming of you,
every night of my life, no way...

Will you raise me up ?
Will you help me down?
Will you get me right out of this god-forsaken town ?
Will you make it all a little less cold ?

I can do that.
Oh, I can do that.

Will you hold me sacred, will you hold me tight ?
Can you colorize my life ?
I'm so sick of Black and White.
Can you make it all a little less old ?

I can do that.
Oh, now I can do that.

Make me some magic with your own two hands ?
Can you build an
Emerald City with these grains of sand ?
Can you give me something I can take home ?

Now, I can do that.
Oh, now I can do that.

"Will you cater to every fantasy I've got ?
Will you hose me down with holy water if I get to hot ?
Will you take me places I've never known ?

Now, I can do that.
Oh, now I can do that.

Lyrics by: Meatloaf

And I Cook Too !