Papercrete is just what it sounds like - paper (or cardboard) mixed with a small amount of cement which acts as a binder.

Papercrete can be used to make lightweight building blocks or as a casting mix poured directly into forms.

Not only does Papercrete make a great building material, but it is a unique and creative way to reduce what is otherwise a waste product which would likely go into a landfill. 

My friend Judith Williams specializes in Papercrete construction and occasionally offers building classes.

Below are a few photos of her work.  

Papercrete structure by Judith   Papercrete building blocks
Home-made Papercrete mixer   Papercrete block form
Papercrete mix being poured into form   Current Papercrete project


Vigas in place


Ceiling detail


For much more information on building with Papercrete, visit Judith's Papercrete  website at:

LX&R design can help you plan the Papercrete home of your dreams. 

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